Wealth Management Specialists


Danny Guarnieri, CPA, CA

Director, Wealth Planning

Danny joined BMO in 2017. In 2006, Danny began his career at Deloitte, an international public accounting firm, where he gained valuable experience in auditing large private and public corporations. After completing his Masters in Taxation in 2013, he joined Deloitte’s tax practice where he specialized in tax planning and compliance for public and private corporations. In 2015, Danny joined Richter LLP’s tax practice where he further specialized on tax planning and reorganizations for private corporations and business owners.

Danny provides customized wealth advisory services to BMO’s high net worth clients. Danny obtains an understanding of each client’s needs, goals and financial situation in order to develop a comprehensive plan that simplifies the complex subject matters such as: financial, tax, estate, and business succession planning. Furthermore, Danny leverages his extensive experience in private practice in order to provide high quality plans and sensitize clients on risks and opportunities inherent to such plans. 


Suzanne Desy, D.D.N., TEP, LL.B

Director, Tax Planning

After completing her CICA in-Depth Tax Course, Suzanne worked for an accounting firm where she advised business owners and professionals on a multitude of corporate, personal, and trust taxation issues. She also provided tax planning assistance on many corporate reorganizations, and business transfers. Suzanne also worked for a major Canadian life insurance company where she focused on tax planning and wealth transfer strategies by developing and presenting sophisticated and customized wealth solutions for business owners and high net worth families. 

Her main focus is to assist high net worth clients and their families in reaching their objectives by making complex tax issues understandable, managing risks and identifying opportunities.


Sébastien Laramée

Private Banker

With BMO for 15 years, Sébastien's role is to act as a financing resource person for our wealthy clients. BMO offers a wide range of products and programs through which we customize solutions to meet customers' immediate banking needs, while ensuring they have a plan in place to optimize their finances.


Pamela Lambourne

Private Banker

BMO offers a wide range of products and programs through which we provide customized solutions meeting the current banking needs of clients while developing a plan to optimize their finances.

Our work with BMO Private Wealth clients covers all aspects of banking services, whether you want to purchase a property, help your children buy their first home or simply need traditional banking services.


Richard Belley, CFA

Vice-President & Strategist – Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Services Group

Richard Belley has more than 14 years of experience in the fixed income and derivative product markets, including seven directly involved in consulting and portfolio management. He received a diploma in Finance from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in 1991 and holds the CFA designation.

Mr. Belley has been a member of the Portfolio Services Group (PSG) since 2001 and is involved in the development of bond investment strategies for the Private Client Division. Mr. Belley also advises and manages bond portfolios for large cap clients, professional associations, foundations, hospitals, municipalities and corporations. The PSG currently has more than $1 billion under management, of which more than $600 million is under his direct responsibility. Mr. Belley brings to the team his extensive experience of capital markets and ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique and specific needs of each client mandate, enhancing the range of services offered by our team.