Investment Management

The highest standard of objectivity. The right choice for you.

Serving your best interest means offering an unbiased range of investment solutions; taking the time to explore new opportunities; and accessing both internally and externally managed strategies – including world-class managers from around the globe. Tailored to your specific risk profile and goals, the right choices are informed by a depth of experience, proprietary research and ongoing evaluation, designed to efficiently, and prudently, manage your portfolio of capital for generations to come.

Disciplined Approach
An optimal balance of internal and external boutique investment managers based on macroeconomic analysis and your unique objectives

Competitive Fees
Scale, scope and buying power to negotiate fees with third parties


Continuous Oversight
Rigorous due diligence and dedicated research across our platform based on investment policy and management committee standards


Strong Performance
Proven track records for selected managers that is closely monitored on an ongoing basis

Broad Diversification
Asset allocation strategies and opportunities that offer different approaches/styles to optimize long-term return potential and manage risk

Cross-Border Expertise
Global resources and bench strength used to inform investment decisions

Streamlined Reporting
Investment management from a trusted, centralized source