Our Client Value Statement

Holistic: Your whole wealth picture is what we see.
You gain a partner who looks at your whole picture with you, from your perspective. We consider all of your circumstnaces, family needs, scenarios, dreams, and worries, when making recommendations. You also gain precious time, and benefit from better coordination, as we work together with your trusted accountant, lawyer, or business adivsor.

Planning-based: Your unique road map is designed, discussed, and kept fresh. 
You gain knowledge and peace of mind from a detailed Financial Plan. Your Plan maps is your road map for key issues like your Net Worth, Sustainable Retirement Lifestyle Income, Business Succession, protection for a Spouse, help for Children or Grandchildren, and your particular Estate Goals. Together with you, and backed by BMO Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management Consultants for complex high net worth cases, we revisit and refresh the Plan each year. Based on your Plan, we customize investment or insurance strategies that make sense for you.

Wealth Optimization: Your receive tailored advice based on your assests and lifestyle. 
Your need for income, wealth preservation, or accumulation; your opportunities to minimize tax; and your need to stay on track with your Plan, are all integrated in the investment advice we tailor for you. Your wealth is an important asset to be protected from inflation, taxes, undue risk, and hidden costs, while put to good use in line with your priorities. We aim to be conservative but creative in our advice. We are proactive in making adjustments in the light of changing reality – we do not believe in ‘buy and hold’ or other simplistic mantras.

Educational: You gain knowledge and clarity regarding your finances. 
Instead of struggling through eye-glazing jargon, you gain clarity and comfort. We strive to be transparent and plain-spoken, and to be your guide through the multiple opportunities and risks in today’s changing world. We learn, too, both from you, and from new developments every year.

Professional: You gain a professional team, which sits on your side of the table.
Your financial interests and ours are tightly aligned. You benefit from our Client Service Plan, ensuring regular, predictable contact, and professional reviews. You can call on us for help with special situations, like a key meeting with your accountant or lawyer. You are treated with respect, and your privacy is assured. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in our work and life.
Reliable and long-term: You engage in a unique, dependable relationship.
You and your family have our ear today, and tomorrow. You benefit from a level of trust, enabling you to talk with us about almost anything on your mind, and from our mindset of succeeding in a long-term partnership with you.

Our Ideal Client Profile

We can be all things to some people.

Clients who enjoy the greatest success and benefits of engaging with our professional services
include those who:

  • Recognize the value of professional advice

  • Focus on the true value received, not simply on the cost of the engagement, and understand that our compensation is aligned with their success

  • Exercise a certain level of discipline and stick to the agreed-on Wealth plan, for example, living within their means, updating their Wills, or implementing a family trust strategy

  • Are able to grant trust in recommendations and implementation

  • Are respectful and courteous in their dealings with us, as we are with them

  • Have investable assets of $250,000, with the potential to grow well beyond this amount


If this resonates with you, or with someone you know who might benefit from a discussion of their particular situation, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact us by clicking here.

There is no cost or obligation for an initial consultation, and we will do our best to be helpful and to steer you in the right direction