Wealth Planning

Comprehensive, integrated wealth planning


We deliver complete, integrated wealth planning services across a network of BMO Financial Group professionals for business owners, family offices, and busy professionals. We will act as a bridge between you and these specialists, orchestrating all your financial details with care and vigilance to ensure you understand all recommendations, that your direction is executed appropriately, and that nothing gets overlooked.
We can introduce you to our valuable network of BMO and third-party partners:

  • Trusted accounting, legal and other professional advisors

  • BMO Private Bankers to ensure a seamless experience and obtain custom rates and services

  • BMO Commercial Bankers to arrange tailored lending opportunities

  • BMO Corporate Finance professionals to help you access capital

  • BMO Estate and Insurance Advisors

  • BMO Trust Company professionals

  • BMO business succession and tax planners

  • BMO philanthropic strategists


Comprehensive retirement planning

To create a successful retirement plan, we will consider current and projected market conditions, and your desired lifestyle and income needs, family and business status, personal health, and longevity. Through comprehensive planning, we will follow a structured process designed to help bring your personal, family and financial goals to fruition and to help you transition successfully into a new phase of life.

Estate planning and administration

To preserve your estate and protect your family, we will: 

  • Review your wills, trust documents and estate structures.

  • Think through every detail – such as estate freezes and insurance-based solutions such as joint ownership of property with right of survivorship – and consider if they are right for you.

  • Perform comprehensive planning to transition wealth to loved ones, friends or charities tax-effectively.

  • Protect your assets through tax strategies that help maximize your family’s wealth over time.

  • Help you to manage the assets and needs of family members in more than one jurisdiction.


Trust services

Working closely with our compassionate and capable partners at BMO Trust Company, we will help you manage multigenerational financial complexities and make emotionally charged decisions, from caring for a loved one to planning and executing your complex estate.
According to your family’s needs, priorities and values, we will use a personalized approach to deliver:

  • Family/testamentary trust services

  • Insurance solutions

  • Estate administration and executor services

  • Philanthropic strategies and family foundations

  • Estate planning

  • Legacy creation advice

  • Estate & Power of Attorney litigation support

  • Concierge services


Business succession planning

We will introduce you to our dedicated team of succession planning specialists. Together with these professionals, we will:

  • Help you maximize your company’s value in advance of your divestiture.

  • Advise you in transferring the business tax-consciously and seamlessly into the hands of a family member, employee or third party.

  • Assist you with the transition of management, ownership and stewardship of the business you worked so hard to build.

  • Coach you to move forward with a new sense of purpose.