Business Owners

Specialized strategies for business owners  

The Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a defined benefit pension plan, not a defined contribution pension plan like a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). As a business owner, it is one of the last avenues available allowing you to shelter your corporate income from tax and grow your wealth.
With an IPP you can potentially:                                            

  • Shelter more income from tax through increased contributions to your IPP versus an RRSP.

  • Make a one-time deductible contribution bump to eliminate the contribution gap that exists between an RRSP and an IPP.

  • Protect your assets held in an IPP from creditors.

  • Deduct all fees through your corporation (which is not allowed by RRSPs).

  • Mitigate market losses by making additional contributions if the investment return is below a statutory rate of return. 


Commercial Banking solutions: Our team has a close relationship with the Commercial Banking professionals at BMO Financial Group. Collaborating with them to integrate their recommendations in the context of your overall wealth profile, we can help you: 

  • Plan your Will and estate, no matter how complex.

  • Connect you with trusted lending partners to access cost effective growth capital.

  • Prepare your business for sale and plan for a smooth succession to help you get the best possible return for the time, talent and capital you have invested.

  • Invest the proceeds from your sale to generate retirement income and achieve personal goals.

  • Determine how much you need to invest for retirement.

  • Provide access to customized Private Banking, Business Banking, and BMO Trust Company services. 


Cash management: We can help you to manage cash flow between your corporate, personal and trust accounts. First, we will identify your core assets, which fund regular business and family expenses, and then we will flag surplus assets that can be strategically invested to achieve what is important to you in the short and long term.
If your business is generating growing revenues, we will advise you on the best way to use the extra cash flow, whether that is to pay a dividend, pay an increasing dividend, pay down debt, or reinvest the money


Key man insurance: We will liaise with BMO Estate and Insurance specialists to protect the viability of your business. Insurance strategies can fund succession or continuation plans to help grow your business or thrive despite the death or disability of an important executive.
Group employee benefits: Working with BMO insurance specialists, we can help you find the right group insurance solution for your team. Customized, tax-effective benefits and compensation plans can help you achieve your corporate goals and provide a competitive package to your employees.
Foreign exchange solutions: We can advise you regarding cost-effective foreign exchange strategies and may be able to offer custom rates in certain circumstances.
Cross-border advisory services: We are US-licensed to advise ex-pat Canadians who are relocating to the United States temporarily or permanently for employment or personal reasons. Our team can provide advice on residency and related tax implications and manage your investment accounts in the U.S. and Canada. This provides an integrated Canadian/US investment solution that is not offered by most of our competitors.