Advising successful entrepreneurs

Our team has a long, successful track record in advising successful entrepreneurs across many industries including agriculture, oil & gas, and manufacturing. As investors, we focus on common stocks as ownership interests in businesses and not just ticker symbols or prices on a screen. We understand how long-term wealth is created and compounded over time and we find alignment with others that think that way.
Business interests grow and evolve over time and personal circumstances can get complicated. Our team has extensive expertise with tax and other planning considerations that arise when clients hold investments through complex corporate structures and things change. We work with internal and/or external tax, accounting, and business advisors to make sure comprehensive solutions are the deliverable.
We are aware of the tax consequences and risk management issues involved with sophisticated corporate structures and affluent families. In fact, we’re most comfortable when advising clients with a high level of complexity: it is where we can articulate our understanding and skill and offer the most value.