Process-driven portfolio management

Process-driven portfolio management​​​​​​​



We build highly customized portfolios unique to each family’s needs with a focus on maximizing risk adjusted, after-tax returns.


Highly customized, disciplined portfolio management:

  • Growth: Our goal is to produce long-term capital appreciation. The only way to earn equity returns is to hold equities for the long term.

  • Diversification: Most of our clients generated wealth by taking concentrated risks. As wealth managers we can customize your portfolio to diversify away from the risks specific to your industry.

  • Total Return: While we focus on maximizing total return (income + capital appreciation), to the extent you require monthly or annual cash flows, we will build a portfolio specific to your income needs.

  • Tax consequences: We will tailor your portfolio for your unique goals and risk tolerance, taking into consideration your tax planning priorities.


Our Investment Philosophy

  • We conduct fundamental research to uncover high quality businesses with competitive advantages, high returns on invested capital, and growing cash flows.

  • We buy ownership interests in these businesses when they trade for less than their intrinsic value and hold them for the long term.

  • Our objective, data-driven investment process is simple to understand yet difficult for most investors to execute. We do not attempt to speculate or time the market as a whole; sustainable returns require thoughtful analysis. 


Discretionary portfolio management:

  • We generally manage client wealth on a discretionary basis. We refer to this as the BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account® (MPA) program.

  • Discretionary means clients engage us to make day-to-day investment decisions on their behalf, subject to defined investment parameters. It empowers us to act decisively when opportunities occur or market conditions change, while strictly adhering to an overriding investment strategy as defined in a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

  • The personalized IPS for each client household establishes:

    • risk tolerance and return parameters,

    • how much should be invested in each asset class (stocks/equities, bonds/fixed income, preferred shares, cash, and alternative investments),

    • overriding investment objectives, desired asset allocation, time horizon, and income requirements, and other tailored investment considerations.


Transparent, competitive fees:

  • Managed Portfolio Account (MPA) clients pay an asset-based fee that is completely transparent and all-inclusive:

  • MPA fees cover our discretionary portfolio management service, all necessary custodial and reporting requirements, and a broad array of integrated financial advice, including wealth, tax, estate, retirement, and business succession planning as well as insurance and banking solutions.

  • Another advantage of the all-inclusive fee is that our services are tax-deductible on non-registered, taxable personal and corporate accounts.


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