June 2024 Update

Ashley Nichols - Jun 21, 2024
June has kept us extra busy this month, but we still want to share our May Market recap! Stephen shares his thought on last month's performance, why you might want to speak with your cell phone provider, and the pros and cons of joint ownership.


Money is tool. You use it to enhance the two most important things in your life:

Your Relationships & Your Well Being

Planning Tip!

If you haven't checked on your cell phone plan for a long time, there is a good chance you can get a better plan for a better price! Give your provider a call and ask if there is something better - because they won't call you! Stephen did this, and they tripled his allowance data AND cut the cost to his bill!


And speaking of cuts...



And here's something we think you'll really like!

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Our Portfolio

**We've been a little busy over the last two months, but a new podcast episode is on the way! Stay tuned, and check out our Podcast Page for past episodes! Remember to share them with your friends, colleagues, and family members!**


No trades were conducted in the accounts this month. The markets rebounded after April's poor performance to hit a new high and close near the April high.

As of May 31, 2024, we were around 9% in cash, 18% in bonds and 73% in equity.


Returns on our 60/40, 70/30 & 80/20 portfolios - before fees:

Interesting Charts

Technical Comments


  • The May monthly S&P 500 candlestick was a bull bar with a small tail above closing in its upper half.

  • Last month, we said that there may be buyers below the first pullback from such a strong bull microchannel (perhaps holding the market up in the first half of May).

  • The market made a new all-time but closed below the March 21 high.

  • The bulls got a strong rally starting in October in the form of a 6-bar bull microchannel.

  • Sometimes, there may be buyers below the first pullback following such a strong bull microchannel. It was the case in May.

  • They hope that the market has entered a broad bull channel phase.

  • They hope to get another strong leg up completing the wedge pattern with the first two legs being July 27 and March 21.

  • If there is a pullback, the bulls want it to be sideways and shallow (filled with weak bear bars, bull bars, doji(s) and overlapping candlesticks).

  • They want the pullback to form a higher low and the 20-month EMA or the bull trend line to act as support.

  • The Bears want a failed breakout above the all-time high.

  • They want a reversal from a higher high major trend reversal and a large wedge pattern (Dec 2, July 27, and March 21).

  • They see the last 3 sideways candlesticks as forming a possible final flag of an extended rally.

  • They hope to get another leg down forming the second leg sideways to down with the first leg being April.

  • Since May was a bull bar closing in its upper half, it is a buy signal bar for June. It is not a strong sell signal bar.

  • The rally has lasted a long time and is slightly climactic. April was the first sign of a possible pullback phase.

  • However, the lack of follow-through selling (in May) indicates that the bears are not yet strong.

  • Odds slightly favor the market to trade at least a little higher.

  • Traders will see if the bulls can create another breakout into new all-time high territory in June.

  • Or will the market trade slightly higher but stall around the current all-time high area?


Millennial Minute

Ashley is busy in her garden – trying to learn how to grow her own food. It’s been a lot of trial and error, and she’ll be back next month to tell you all about it AND how to budget for it!


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