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Stephen Miao
Kim McNee
Winnie Lai
Tony Stephens
Angela Hui
Tim Simpson
Reina Li
Brett Burke
Shawn Ding

1 First Canadian Place
39th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, ON
M5X 1H3

Our Business Beliefs

We believe a key determinant to successful investing is the appropriate mix of cash, equities and bonds in our client's portfolios.

Working closely with our clients, investment strategies are formulated to improve their portfolio's returns while keeping risk at an acceptable level. If personal circumstances or market conditions change, proactive steps will be taken to modify the portfolio(s).


We believe as your personal investment advisor team, we can maximize your wealth and reduce your risk in an efficient and prudent manner.

Successful investing includes all facets of financial management and we use our team's expertise and utilize our top ranked Research Department to deliver a total solution for all of life's events, from children's education to estate planning.






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