Financial Planning

"Achieving your financial goals doesn't happen overnight; it takes careful planning and execution."

Why do you need a financial plan?

     A good financial plan can help you answer these questions, and more...

  • Will you be in a position to fund your children’s post-secondary education?

  • Will you be responsible for the care of an aging parent or spouse, or a mentally or physically challenged child?

  • Is your investment strategy consistent with your financial goals?.

  • If you were to die, would your family be financially secure?

  • If you become disabled, will you have enough income to manage until you are well again?


Financial planning is an ongoing process that includes:

  • Evaluating your current situation

  • Clarifying your goals

  • Identifying hurdles in achieving your goals and considering alternative solutions

  • Developing a comprehensive written analysis with recommendations

  • Implementing your plan

  • Reviewing your plan on a regular basis