I am Committed to building a solid, lasting relationship with my clients.

Keeping clients informed is a top priority for me. This means providing access to a wealth of educational materials, promptly returning phone calls, and quickly following up on administrative issues. It also involves monitoring accounts on an ongoing basis to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and changing market conditions. I regularly review goals, strategy and portfolio performance with my clients.


We offer a personalized approach to Wealth Planning.

What’s Your Life Stage? 

Pre-or Post-Retiree?  We can guide you through an effective and holistic planning process in areas such as intergenerational wealth transfer, cash flow, long-term care, retirement and estate planning (including counsel at family meetings to share thoughts, wishes and objectives); establishing/updating wills and powers of attorney; using insurance as a safety net; and appointing an appropriate executor to ensure your benefactors are secured for the future.
Young Professional?  We can work with you on a financial plan that reflects your priorities, ambitions, and long-term financial horizon – counsel around home ownership, debt management, stewardship of family wealth, saving and investing for retirement, and professional referrals to help you build a trusted network.

For Business Owners and Professionals, being an entrepreneur and running your own business doesn't leave much time to manage your own finances and investments. Whether start-up or mature business, we can help align your personal goals and priorities with the income-generating needs you face as an owner, including cash-flow management, preservation of capital, financing, tax and succession planning, etc.  We make sure you are on track with your investments towards your business and family goals, retirement planning and wealth building. We can offer Group RSPs for your employees to assist them with retirement planning also.

We provide assistance to Non-Profit Organizations to encourage & receive stock donations, manage their investments, cash flow, and Group RSPs for employees.

Successful Business Women and Investors rely on Karen for financial advice.  She gets to know you by understanding your business and personal needs while ensuring you achieve your financial goals and dreams. Karen helps Women Investors navigate the markets, develop long-term investment plans, assist their families and grow and protect their wealth.  She is committed to helping you build confidence in your investing abilities and taking care of your financial well-being.  Karen is there to assist you throughout all life's stages and challenges.  

Retirees: Karen and her Team help you plan ahead for your Retirement, guide you through the Retirement process, and plan your cash flow for a comfortable retirement income. We help you manage your Investment portfolios, so you can enjoy this stage of your life. 

Parent, Guardian or Primary Caregiver? We can assist you in preparing an effective Education Savings Plan that includes calculating the cost of a post-secondary education; creating a savings strategy; determining account types in an RESP; advice on balancing financial priorities; and implementing, and monitoring, your educational plan.

Estate Planning: Our Team works with you and your Advisors to construct an Estate Plan which may include a Family Trust taking current, estate and future tax issues into account. We can harness the expertise of BMO Estate Specialists to assist with your planning. We can provide a full financial picture for you and your family and can create a customized plan to pass wealth on to your children, grandchildren and create a legacy if you wish. We have an experienced Estate Team to help you.  We can help you pre-plan your investments to reduce Probate fees, designate beneficiaries, walk you through the Estate process, work with your Power of Attorney, Executor, Lawyer and Accountant and beneficiaries to make a smooth estate transition.