Wealth Management Solutions
At BMO Wealth Management, we have all of your Wealth Management needs covered to help you accumulate, manage and preserve personal wealth.
Financial Planning
Looking at your complete financial picture, we focus on understanding your individual needs and create a custom financial plan to help you achieve your goals. With access to wealth solutions and services through BMO Nesbitt Burns you can feel confident today and in the future.

Investment Management
Whether you’re an individual investor or a corporation seeking to choose from a variety of investment options, you’ll find BMO Nesbitt Burns has solutions and services that are right for you.

Retirement Planning
We help you identify your retirement goals, evaluate expected income, determine additional savings needed, develop a tax-efficient retirement income strategy.  

Tax Planning
We will review your current and future tax situations, uncover opportunities to save or defer taxation, show you tax-efficient ways to invest, develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities, and ensure you keep more of your money.

Insurance Planning
We understand the role insurance can play when managing for the unexpected. We work with you to ensure you have appropriate financial protection, plus the potential to accelerate the growth of your assets while preserving them for the next generation.

Estate Planning
We assess your current and future estate value, determine obligations and probate costs, explore your estate needs and identify issues, devise strategies to fund oblications and wishes, and coordinate the development of your estate plan. We help you organize your assets, minimize taxes and pass along your estate in the manner you intend.

Create a lasting legacy. At BMO Nesbitt Burns we can help you create a philanthropic strategy and explore giving back to your community or shaping the future by endowing developments in educational, cultural or faith institutions.