"It's Time To Sell My Business"

Selling a business is a process that can take many years. As a business owner, you have spent a large portion of your life building your business and investing your own time, capital, energy and ingenuity into building it. Because you are so emotionally invested in your business’s success, it is important to have an Investment Advisor to help you along your way.
Are you facing decisions such as:

  • Should I sell the business to an outsider or pass it on within my family?

  • Should I stagger my retirement and stay on as a consulting role during the transition?

  • How do I know if I have left the business in good hands?

  • How does the sale affect my family?

  • What am I going to do with all my time once I am no longer a business owner? Do I retire? Do I consult? Do I start a new business?


There are many aspects the come up when selling a business, ranging from corporate finance, tax consequences, estate planning, insurance and investing the proceeds. One of the most important considerations when selling a business is how to manage the proceeds of the sale.
As a business owner it is never too early to consider the next step and to begin considering a succession and retirement plan.

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