Estate & Trust Planning

The Best Time to Start Planning For Your Estate Is Now

The 2016 Canadian Census reports indicate the greying of Canada's population is accelerating. For the first time in Census history, seniors now outnumber children. Looking ahead, population projections show the gap between the two age groups will continue to widen. By 2031, almost one in four Canadians will be 65 or older.

What does this mean?

The time is now to get your affairs in order. Having an accurate and properly structured will is the cornerstone of an estate plan. If you have philanthropic goals, valuable assets (like your investments, a business or properties), or children, you need a comprehensive estate plan to make sure the wealth you've worked hard to build is distributed exactly as you wish. A proper estate plan is crucial to reduce potentional fees and delays associated with settling your estate, such as final taxes and probate.

Some topics to consider within your estate plan:

  • Your and your spouse's wills

  • Beneficiary designations 

  • Naming an executor 

  • Powers of attorney

  • Insurance 

  • Trusts 

  • Tax planning 

  • Philanthropic services 

 We Can Help Guide You Through This Process!

Contact Faheem Allidina & Associates for help navigating the estate planning process, assistance in connecting with the appropriate specialists when you need them, and to ultimately give you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing you, your family and your legacy are in good hands.