"I Think I'm Ready To Retire"

Retirement is a time of both excitement and anxiety for many people. You finally have time to pursue your hobbies, see the world and enjoy your grandchildren.  At the same time, you no longer have a predictable paycheck and you might need to start to spend your savings. There’s often a worry that your money might run out.
Whether you plan to retire next week or decades from now, we can help you figure out a plan for your  retirement to reflect your situation and needs.

When you meet us for the first time  we will go through a series of questions with you, such as: 

  • What am I going to do with my free time?

  • Do I need to work part time? Do I want to work part time? Should I stagger my withdrawal from working life?

  • Do I want to go traveling? If so where?

  • Do I have enough cash flow to live off of now that I don’t have a paycheck?

  • Am I going to out-live my money? How do I make sure that doesn’t happen?

  • How do I build my legacy and leave my mark?

  • How do I start to plan to leave my inheritance to my family?

  • What really are my passions and hobbies?