Insurance Services

Your ability to generate income is worth protecting. A majority of Canadians remain unfamiliar with their insurance options leaving them susceptible to the unknown. Health insurance, employee benefits, disability insurance and critical illness benefits are all types of protection you should consider when assessing your life and protecting it against potential risks.

How does Life Insurance Work?

There are two common types:


Term Insurance - provides coverage for

 a set period of time (typically 10, 20 and 30 years). It's usually a better option if you're on the younger side because the premiums are lower. Term insurance can also be more flexible and allows you to choose the amount of coverage you need. 

Permanent Insurance - provides life-long protection, so long as you maintain your premium payments. Depending on the style of product you choose, your premium rates may even stay the same as you age. Knowing you have coverage for the rest of your life can provide real peace of mind. 

What our products can do for you:

  • Help protect your family's current income 

  • Preserve and enhance the value of your estate 

  • Minimize taxes 

  • Fund health care

  • Support your charitable giving goals 

With both term and permanent life insurance, your beneficiaries may receive a cash benefit if you die. Ensure that you talk to someone at Faheem Allidina & Associates for a referral to an set up a tax efficient, insurance policy that protects you, your family and your wealth.