Asset Management  for Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations

 A fully developed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is the foundation of a successful relationship between your organization and The Sutton Thiessen Stiver Wealth Group.

When working with institutions and non-profit organization's we can assist you in the review process and/or the development of your organizations IPS. The IPS is crucial in order to determine the investment objectives, asset mix, and time horizon of the investment strategy.

Our Portfolio Management Team designs a unique portfolio to fit the requirements of your organization based on the parameters outlined in your IPS. When developing your portfolio the team utilizes a discretionary investment process, which may include third party managers previously vetted by our team and our firm.

Peripheral services for non-profit organizations are provided to facilitate the receipt of donated securities by working directly with your donors and their advisors.

Comprehensive reporting and regular reviews with your investment committee help to ensure that your organization and its financial goals are achieved.