Brenda and Steven

Brenda and Steven began working with us in 2009 after investing on their own for many years; they were intrigued by our disciplined approach to portfolio construction and wealth management. After working together to construct a portfolio which fit their needs, we began working with them to develop a personalized wealth plan. Brenda and Steven had inherited a family business but the business transition negatively impacted the inter-family relationships.

Wanting to avoid this outcome for their own children, we began working with them to develop a comprehensive wealth plan. During this process, looked into many aspects of their personal and corporate life including business tax planning, succession strategies, equalization between their children, retirement income and estate tax planning.

Understanding what they wanted to accomplish today, in retirement, in their estate and how the inter-family relationships might impact their goals.

Analyzing their personal and corporate financial situation, as well as the complex inter-family dynamics could impact their planning in multiple ways.

Working with our partners at BMO to develop a business succession plan that transitioned the business to their children and an equalization strategy for their other children who were not involved in the family business.

Identifying opportunities within their existing estate plan to meet their goals, transfer their wealth and equalize their legacy between their children.

Evaluating their options and working with their other advisors in both the legal and accounting professions, we developed and implemented strategies to address the opportunities we discovered during the process.

Reviewing the plan is a regular part of our meetings and we typically meet with Brenda and Steven several times throughout the year to touch base and update their plan. 

Adjusting for change is a key part of any plan and with Brenda and Steven we continue to work with them to keep it up-to-date. They recently began discussions to sell the majority of their business to a 3rd party while reserving a minority ownership for their children. Even though this was a departure from their previous plan, we were able to assist them in preparing for a business sale and adjusted their plan to suit their needs today.