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Integrated Financial Planning

Your personal goals become the cornerstone of your financial plan and our number one priority.  While most other financial professionals ‘sell products’& take a very narrow biased view of their client’s goals, we have a very unique planning approach, more suited to meeting the challenges of today’s complex world and the needs of today’s High Net Worth investor. 
High Net Worth advising, requires a unique set of skills, experience & expert knowledge of financial planning and investment management tools techniques. Moreover, high net worth advising requires a dedication of time . Whether we are advising a busy professional, business owner or someone just about to retire or in full retirement, our financial planning process means that we become a proactive partner with you to ensure success… while Building your plan with Vision, flexibility & Creativity. We invest our time with you first and take an “Ongoing Life long View” of your current needs, future goals & personal situation and vision. When completed, we will work tirelessly with you every step of the way to ensure your plan works well and always remain on track! We measure our success by your own success.


“A cornerstone of our work and service to our clients is retirement planning. We personally invest a tremendous amount of time building retirement scenarios to better envision their future while also helping to implement tax and savings strategies to help our clients achieve their retirement goals”

Early Pre-Retirement Planning
Is not just something we talk about. Retirement planning is done at every meeting. We sit down with all of our clients and ensure we know exactly what we need to do to make certain our clients have a wonderful carefree retirement. 
Late or in-Retirement Planning
If you are approaching retirement or already retired, then you know exactly how terrifying it can seem for some. Without your ability to earn income, many of our clients experience a great deal of anxiety leading up to retirement and lasting for some time afterwards. Drawing down is a new experience and seeing your portfolio’s decline for the first time is an eye opening one. Over the years, Lou and Jeff have developed a strategy uniquely designed to help our clients get through the early anxiety of retirement. Our retirement portfolios are designed with preservation of capital in mind, during which Lou works closely with clients to build a cash flow plan that will provide the confidence and reliability our clients seek.
Tax efficiency is the second building block of our planning process. No matter how complex your affairs, we strive to ensure the highest levels of knowledge to help our clients become or remain as tax efficient as possible. Whether we are planning for your Estate or protecting loved ones, we develop a strategy & work with your accountant or lawyer or if needed, we bring in our own trusted professionals so we can build the right plan for you and your family.
Client Service:  
We take a completely novel approach to client service: “We are 100% dedicated and committed to delivering an extraordinary client experience.”
We have created specifically to put client service first and foremost. Our personalized high touch approach means we are focussed exclusively on you. Having a dedicated and responsive team of people to look after you and your family is one of our core values.
Last but certainly not least, is our Distinctly Personal Investment Management or Portfolio Management process. We combine a unique blend of investment strategies to bring together the benefits of Safety and Performance for our clients. Through constant & vigorous analysis and the support of industry leading BMO Research, we have truly customized investment management solutions for every investor, for today’s fast paced markets.”

We work closely with a select group of families, creating a customized financial & wealth management plan and building diversified portfolios that optimize returns while minimizing risk.