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January 2022

Equity and Fixed Income Strategy

Valuations Starting to Matter Again

Stéphane Rochon, CFA, Equity Strategist; Richard Belley, CFA, Fixed Income Strategist; Iritza Naqvi, Associate 

The omicron variant is now a household name all over the world only a few short months after having been discovered in South Africa. It is hard to see the positive in this outcome as many Canadian Provinces are once again shutting down gyms and restaurants. We do believe there is a silver lining however as Omicron is fast crowding out all other forms of the variant and appears to have milder health implications. The symptoms –at least for vaccinated individuals- are very much like the flu, fever and headache as opposed to much more serious respiratory issues. This has been widely reported in initial scientific studies but we can vouch for it empirically, based on our family’s own experience with the nasty bug.

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