Our first three business beliefs encompass this service offering. Information, contact, and accountability are fundamental to a successful client-advisor relationship. We work with our clients to manage emotions, reset expectations, and adjust for major life changes. Customized and consistent contact is the foundation of our relationships.

  • Ongoing Market Commentary

  • Customized Automated Contact

  • Regular Portfolio Reviews

  • Personalized Estate & Taxation Advice

  • Account Administration Services

  • Adjusting for Major Life Changes

  • Managing & Resetting Expectations

  • Assistance in Life Decisions

  • Coordination with your Key Advisors

  • Income Tax Support

  • Managing Emotions

For more information, please contact any one of our team members:

Rick Hughes: (613)562-6439
James Annis: (613)562-6431
Simon Couvrette: (613)562-6411
Sean Nikitin: (613)562-6531
Kari Van de Mosselaer: (613)562-6421

Amy Bertrand: (613)564-6104