Your first step is to contact any one of our team members to set up an initial conversation either in person or by phone.


During this getting-to-know-each-other meeting, we will learn about your current situation and gain an understanding of your wants and needs. This discussion will allow us to discover any problem areas within your current plan and make some recommendations to guide you towards your goals. When you have met us and learned more about us, and have had time to consider our proposal, you will decide whether we are the right advisors for you. Similarly, after our meeting, we will decide if your goals will be best reached by us working with you. If we are all in agreement, we can proceed to the next step, which is to open accounts and implementing our recommendations. Our process might take a little more time than others take, but we have found that it’s the best way to find the right solutions for our clients, while ensuring that all aspects of their financial affairs have been thoroughly examined for any existing problems or opportunities.

With very few exceptions, our investment recommendations are independently chosen from the entire universe of available instruments. We create customized portfolios of stocks, bonds, pooled or mutual funds or indexes designed specifically for each client’s needs.