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Wealth Management

The Rogers Bagnald Wealth Advisory Group has all of your wealth management needs covered.

To help you accumulate, manage and preserve personal wealth, we provide a full range of wealth management services. With our in-house specialists and access to the expert resources within BMO Financial Group, we have the services and resources you need to reach your financial goals.



Financial Planning
  • Goal setting

  • Cash-flow analysis

  • Net worth assessment

  • Investment planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Income and asset protection

  • Estate planning

  • Tax efficiency

Investment Planning
  • Establishment of investment objectives

  • Asset allocation strategy development

  • Portfolio design and security selection

  • Investment management and advise

  • Selection and monitoring of investment managers

  • Periodic portfolio reviews and rebalancing

Credit and banking strategies
  • Effective credit management - mortgage, line of credit, personal and business loans

  • Cash management

Retirement planning
  • Identify goals

  • Evaluate expected income

  • At retirement, develop a tax-efficient income strategy

Protecting your lifestyle
  • Income continuance planning (life and disability insurance)

  • Develop asset protection strategies (mortgage life insurance, business continuation insurance, critical illness and long term care insurance and insurance for estates.

Legacy planning
  • Assess current and potential estate value

  • Determine obligations (debts, dependants, taxes and probate costs)

  • Identify estate planning issues and opportunities

  • Devise strategies to fund obligations and wishes

Tax efficiency
  • Review current and future tax situations

  • Uncover opportunities to save taxes or defer taxation

  • Develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities

Business financial services
  • Access to Commercial Banking Specialists

  • Business investment management

  • succession planning and business transfer assistance

Philanthropic giving
  • Donor advised funds

  • Private foundations


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