As a result of our own first hand experience building and selling very high profile family businesses combined with our professional training, we provide our clients with unparalleled insight into the sale process.

One of the most crucial steps in the process of selling the business you have worked all your life to build is making sure you have the right team of experienced on your side. We, at Hamilton & Associates, are here to share with you our own experience and our extensive expertise on the entire process.

You will need the right transaction advisors, accountants to help with valuations, due diligence, tax planning, the right lawyers to execute the deal and often even more tax advice etc. With all that in place you will find our skill set invaluable as it can only be learned through first hand experience and expertise. We are qualified to help you manage your hard earned wealth, how to best build on it, as well as pass it efficiently and responsibility to the next generation.

This is just one of the many areas where we, at Hamilton & Associates, have earned the confidence of the individuals and families we serve as solid advisors with unparalleled experience and expertise.