Financial Planning


Personal and family situation
The analyses and recommendations your financial planner gives you will be affected by whether you are married or in a civil union, widowed, divorced or living common law.

Financial situation
Drawing up your personal balance sheet and preparing your annual budget are the first steps of a healthy financial plan. 

Protection situation
This step will allow us to ensure adequate coverage in the event of illness or loss of property, while ensuring your personal and professional liability

Tax situation
Your income tax returns contain a slew of information that can help you plan your financial environment. Analysing them will allow us to identify issues or strategies you haven't thought of, in order to reduce your income taxes.

Retirement situation
This step will allow us to assess your projected annual cost of living in retirement. In short, we will assess whether your income will be sufficient to support your the lifestyle you want.

Situation at death
The review of your legal documents should be done to ensure they still reflect your wishes. For business owners, we will ensure the survival of your business in the event of your death.