The key to Wealth is planning, pacing and persistence.

Having successfully addressed many physical and mental challenges in sport, while also reaching career summits while serving clients at BMO Financial Group, Melissa Rush Wealth Advisory Group are dedicated to simplifying the wealth planning process, so you can reach and surpass your wealth goals throughout your life. We will help you develop the mindset and behaviors it takes to achieve extraordinary results and peace of mind.

Guiding You Through Life Transitions.

Our team will constantly adjust your wealth plan for life transitions and external conditions, to ensure your goals are proactively, strategically managed. You know your financial affairs are in order and will remain on track to reaching your goals throughout your life – the ultimate benchmark to success.


With the specialized help of our BMO Private Wealth partners, we can add significant value when helping you and your loved ones prepare for major milestones or manage periods of transition. We can assist in the following situations:


  • Getting married or divorced

  • Starting a family

  • Inheriting money or winning the lottery

  • Buying or renovating your home or vacation property

  • Taking care of an ailing parent

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Changing your career or dealing with a termination

  • Deciding to fund an education

  • Planning for your retirement

  • Downsizing the home

  • Easing the transition into retirement

  • Having an accident or being diagnosed with a major illness

  • Dealing with the death of a loved one

  • Providing guidance to optimize your estate and legacy wishes

  • Wishing to make a major charitable contribution

  • And more


Collaborating with BMO Specialists.

Working with a passionate, experienced team of BMO Private Wealth Specialists, we create your customized and comprehensive, Wealth Plan®. Working to truly understand your short- and long-term plans, together, we will provide guidance within financial planning, trust services, insurance solutions, tax and estate planning strategies, philanthropic solutions, business and succession planning, BMO Family Office, behavioral coaching, private banking, and cross-border services. We help you plan and protect your financial assets, estate, and legacy.


This broad network of BMO Private Wealth subject matter brings tremendous financial bench strength. This multi-disciplinary team saves clients’ time, solves challenges, provides financial security, and offers reassurance on an ongoing basis.


  • Asset managers

  • Trust and estate planners

  • Insurance specialists

  • Will reviewers

  • Tax planners

  • BMO Private Banking professionals

  • Credit consultants

  • Investment Bankers

  • Risk management experts

  • Strategic philanthropic consultants

  • Business & Commercial bankers

  • Business succession specialists

  • Cross-border bankers


Practice or Business Succession Advisory Services.

After building a practice or company for many years, stepping away can be psychologically difficult for professionals and business owners, who have long been driven and defined by their work. We can help you retire successfully by providing support and coaching you through the major transition both financially and emotionally.