BMO for WOMEN Initiatives: We're in your corner

Throughout history, women have shown themselves to be progress-makers – challengers of the status quo, innovators and leaders for the next generation. Despite making progress, 57% of women say they wish they were more confident in their financial decision making.


At BMO, we’re committed to real financial progress for every woman, so they’re prepared to seize every opportunity. Our BMO for Women’s initiatives demonstrate that we value women as people, investors and contributors to Canada’s healthy, vibrant economy and society:


  • BMO Celebrating Women Grant is the only bank-owned recognition program for women in North America. Through the program, BMO applauds female founders and trailblazing women who have given back to their communities or achieved success in business. Since 2012, BMO Celebrating Women has honoured more than 200 women in communities across Canada and the United States.

  • At BMO, we have 40% women representation in senior leadership. That diversity of thought in our workforce leads to innovation, better decision-making, and growth. This compares to women’s executive representation at S&P 500 companies, making up just 21%.

  • BMO launched WMN∙FIN in partnership with 1871, which is designed to bridge the gender gap and provide women entrepreneurs with the opportunity to launch cutting edge technology products. For more information please visit: WMN∙FINtech

  • At BMO, we committed $3 billion in capital to women-led businesses in Canada. In the United States we are doubling our efforts in small business lending. Women have had less access to capital, and this has forced them to do more with less.

  • The Bold(h)er Podcast, hosted by journalist and entrepreneur Lisa Bragg, features thought-provoking conversations with entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities, innovators, mothers and philanthropists. What unites these women is their transformative journeys and bold, life-changing decisions. Tune it at

  • Progress is being made. The number of BMO women-led small business clients has grown by almost 10% since we made $3 billion commitment in Canada in 2018.

  • BMO was the first Canadian bank to sign the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2019, formalizing our commitment to advancing economic opportunities for all.


Melissa Rush Wealth Advisory Group is privileged and proud to work for a corporation that is so committed to supporting female advancement and empowerment.