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“Melissa has gained our complete trust by demonstrating integrity and a true interest in helping clients reach their financial goals. My husband and I consider ourselves fortunate to have her as our Investment Advisor.” – Pina C., Sept. 2023


“A friend introduced me to Melissa Rush several years ago and choosing to work with her is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Melissa is a dedicated professional who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work and taking care of her clients. I feel very lucky Melissa and her team took me on as a client – the piece of mind it brings me is immeasurable.” – Kim G., Sept. 2023


“From our initial conversation Melissa impressed me with her depth of knowledge, professionalism and honesty. She took the time to ask insightful questions to help understand what my financial goals were. Melissa is a financial advisor who is truly interested in her client’s needs.” – Marie K., Sept. 2023


“Melissa is a top-notch Financial Adviser who is not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also friendly and approachable. She considers not only the financial aspects of retirement planning, but also the lifestyle and health of her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs better financial solutions.” – Susan S., Sept. 2023


“When it comes to managing my wealth, I consider Melissa Rush a trusted partner. Melissa consistently operates with professionalism and empathy providing personalized advice and recommendations specific to my needs. She has been instrumental in strengthening my financial roadmap and is committed to ensuring I meet my short and long-term goals.” – Pat G., Sept. 2023


“Melissa is incredibly organized, proactive, responsive and keeps in close contact with regular check-ins; she also shares market insight on a regular basis. I value her advice and support and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.” – Cathleen S., Oct. 2023


“What truly stands out about Melissa is her unwavering commitment to having my best interest in mind.  I always feel that she has a genuine concern for my financial well-being, and I can trust her recommendations without hesitation. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I have peace of mind knowing that she’s looking out for me.” – Denise C., Sept. 2023



Investing Acumen


“Melissa’s in-depth knowledge of the markets is truly remarkable. Her understanding of the type of financial portfolio which is best for us allows her to take action, which benefits the continuing growth of the portfolio. My wife and I are extremely happy with the way Melissa has been managing our investment portfolios. Melissa’s knowledge and competence gives us the confidence to look towards the future knowing that our financial needs are in good hands.” – John M., Sept. 2023


“Aside from her financial and technical knowledge of the markets, Melissa is also a pleasure to interact with, as she strikes the perfect balance between a hands-on involvement with her client’s investments tempered by actively listening to her client’s opinions and financial goals. Over the years I have weathered the market’s ups and downs, and I am extremely grateful that I have had Melissa providing me with sound and practical advice throughout.” – Jeffery S., Sept. 2023


“Melissa is a lifetime student of finance and portfolio management. Her education, experience and the massive BMO NB market research data to draw on have made her a top performer. She clearly loves the work. My description of her and the results that she's achieved can be summed up in a simple phrase, "My good fortune!”  "Time is money", and I sleep soundly because I have this team!” – Jeff P., Sept. 2023


“Melissa has helped us put together a portfolio balanced across multiple dimensions, including industries, regions, and instruments, that has withstood market turbulence. She identifies instruments that are not performing and suggests alternatives. However, she is prudent in advising trades, to minimize both trading costs and taxes. Our confidence in her abilities resulted in our decision to consolidate all our holdings with her.” – Bill & Linda H., Sept. 2023


“I can’t say enough about how well Melissa Rush manages my investment portfolios. Her overall approach means I receive the right amount of information so we can work together to grow my portfolio in a manner that also allows me to weather market fluctuations.” – K.T., Oct. 2023


“I truly believe I would not have been able to retire as financially comfortable as I am without Melissa’s continued advice, encouragement and support.” – Barbara C., Sept. 2023



Personal Touch


“My mother and I are so appreciative of their empathy, advice and help in maintaining my mother’s finances since my fathers death. It’s the personal touch I most value and the extras on health and personal wellness.” – Susan K., Sept. 2023


“When my family needed to settle the estate of my parents in the middle of COVID-19, Melissa was there to ensure all the parts continued to move until the process was complete. As a business owner, my greatest strength is my ability to delegate. I’m grateful to be able to delegate all my wealth management needs to someone as passionate about my personal well-being as Melissa Rush” – Marty J., Sept. 2023


“While I have been one of their many clients over the years, I have never felt like just a number, but as a client that is personally cared for by an investment advisor and her dedicated team who only wants what's best for their clients.” – Esther O., Sept. 2023


“On a personal level, Melissa has given me emotional support during difficult times.  Being a small, elderly investor, Melissa has proactively managed my portfolio to very good returns taking into account my low risk tolerance.” – Dexter K., Sept. 2023


“Melissa takes time to organize events and enrichment programs on a variety of topics, financial or non-financial.” – R. & I. L, Sept. 2023


“Coupled with her impressive level of knowledge is her passion to help women with financial empowerment…” – Patricia G., Sept. 2023




Longstanding Relationships


“Melissa has provided Investment and Financial advice to my wife and I for over 17 years. She then went on to provide advice to my two adult sons to help manage their growing portfolios. Without any reservation, I can recommend Melissa as an experienced and highly knowledgeable Investment Advisor for anyone who is seeking assistance in growing and preserving their financial portfolios.” – Jeffery S., Sept. 2023


“I have had the privilege of working with my financial adviser, Melissa Rush, for an incredible 20 years. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Melissa's guidance, support, and expertise provided throughout our long partnership.” – Oliver D., Sept. 2023


“For well over a decade Melissa Rush and her team have been providing investment services to me. Her expertise has put me in a position where I can retire at 60 if I want to.” – Ingrid G., Sept. 2023


“Melissa Rush is my Senior Wealth Advisor. I have been her client for more than 20 years. Melissa has always and continues to: educate me on investment options; help me identify my tolerance for risk; provide investment advice based on my goals and risk profile; and track my financial progress year over year.” – Barbara C., Sept. 2023


“Melissa has been a great asset to my financial well-being. She has been my financial advisor for over 20 years and I value her wisdom in taking care of my retirement funds.” – Arthur S., Sept. 2023




Introduction to Others


“I will strongly recommend Melissa, as an investment industry professional, to any colleague, or person of my acquaintance, now or in the future, as a competent provider of investment and financial solutions, able and willing to provide best advice and counsel to individuals who seek to responsibly invest and preserve their wealth.” – Albert J., Sept. 2023


“I would wholeheartedly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking a trustworthy and professional wealth advisor who truly cares about their client’s financial success.” – Denise C., Sept. 2023


"We are very pleased that we were taken into Melissa's client base and would recommend hr to anyone in need of an Investment Advisor." – Pat D. & Ted. P., Sept. 2023 


“I would, and have, happily recommend Melissa Rush to anyone needing an Investment Advisor. Her professionalism, guidance and support have been invaluable to me.” – Patricia D., Sept. 2023


“I would recommend Melissa to anyone.  She is not only my Wealth Advisor, she has become my friend, which means she is always looking out for my best interest." - Keitha T., Oct. 2023






Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.