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Mark Tinnerman

Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice President
Tel: (416) 359-4803
Fax (416) 359-6519
  Mark’s vision for helping others with their family and inter-generational wealth planning needs was sparked by his own experience.  His family immigrated to North America in 1847, and quickly integrated themselves into the North American dream.  For over 100 years they worked very hard and enjoyed success, passing on the appreciation for hard work and the responsibility for family ethics and traditions from one generation to the next. 
Unfortunately this successful stretch was interrupted, and a generation of the family sat idle for almost 50 years.  This turned out to be a costly mistake, as a cardinal rule was broken – they forgot the significance of emotional inheritance.  Important family values were forgotten, and it didn’t take long for the financial inheritance to also vanish.  Looking back on this now, Mark emphasizes the importance of teaching the next generation to take on the responsibility for preserving family principles and traditions.  This is an essential part of inter-generational wealth planning, and should not be ignored if the success of a family line is to carry on.

Mark began his education with a Bachelor of Arts from Western University.  He has since completed multiple academic programs from universities across North America.  Mark is currently in the final stages of the Heritage Institute program for the Heritage Design Professional designation.