Curious about doing some of the math yourself?  Check out these useful calculators:

Have you ever heard someone raving about compound interest, and didn’t really get what all the buzz is about?  Try this handy calculator for a demonstration of the power of compounding 

Buying a home?  Find out how much you can afford and what your optimal payments are 

Tracking your net worth is critical to ensuring your financial wellbeing.  Is your net worth increasing or decreasing?  Use this handy calculator to find out 

Think your monthly savings are too small for a TFSA to make a difference?  Think again!  Even small deposits can result in significant tax savings over time.  Try plugging in some numbers here 

It's never too early or too late to start thinking about saving for your retirement.  Will you have enough to sustain your desired lifestyle?  You can try a quick and simple calculation here .  Contact us for more information and to create a detailed wealth plan for you and your family!

The cost of tuition is constantly on the rise, and the price of higher education for your children will likely be a significant expense for you.  Try this Education Savings Calculator  to see how much you might need to save up, and don't forget to visit our page with other great tips on kids and financial literacy.

If you are planning for a major purchase in the near future, whether that is real estate, a vehicle, or even a luxurious vacation, make sure you are on track to afford it here