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For Parents of Kids of All Ages

Whether you are welcoming a brand new addition to the family, planting the seeds of financial literacy in your kids, or looking to further their financial knowledge, we welcome you to browse these resources.

Tax Planning

Even if you are already familiar with some tax planning basics, here you may find tips and tricks you didn't know about! It's a good idea to perform a review of your tax planning strategies each year as you file, but it is especially important in the following situations: new career, new domestic partnership or marriage, new addition to the family, retirement, windfall income, inheritance.


Giving back is not only personally rewarding, but also good for your wallet!  Consider this when you are: tax planning, or estate planning.

Insurance Planning

Are you too young for insurance?  No dependents?  Or are they well provided for already?  It's easy to shrug off insurance if you think you don't need it for one reason or another.  Before you do that, though, it deserves some serious consideration first.  The following life events should cause you to look into insurance more closely:  new addition to the family, domestic partnership or marriage, taking on debt, estate or legacy planning, starting or ending your own business.

Estate Planning

Planning for the inevitable is certainly a very uncomfortable topic.  However, ensuring that your loved ones will be left in a comfortable situation can provide you with instant peace of mind.  This topic closely ties in with Insurance Planning.  Serious consideration should be given when the following arise: retirement, starting or ending your own business, new addition to the family, new domestic partnership or marriage or end thereof.