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Mark Tinnerman
Portfolio Manager

Mark focuses on portfolio management and client service, and specializes in inter-generational wealth planning.  His inspiration for this area of expertise was his own family experience.  The failure of one generation to pass on their emotional inheritance proved costly for Mark’s predecessors.  Read more about Mark 
Tel (416) 359-4803
E-mail: Mark Tinnerman
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Jonathan Lin
Senior Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner

Jonathan is fully committed to his clients, and always puts their needs first.  His value system is further honed by his volunteer work throughout Toronto. 
Read more about Jonathan 
Tel (416) 359-7202
E-mail: Jonathan Lin

Pouya Fattahi
Investment Advisor

Pouya takes pride in providing exceptional client service.  His commitment leads his clients to achieve their goals, while also enjoying the journey.  Read more about Pouya 
Tel (416) 359-7440
E-mail: Pouya Fattahi
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Tamara Uptigrove
Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Tamara spends most of her time on portfolio analysis, trading, and creating detailed wealth plans for our clients.  She delights in educating clients on their investments and financial situation.  Read more about Tamara 
Tel (416) 359-5730
E-mail: Tamara Uptigrove

Tina Dragneva
Associate Investment Advisor

Tina tries to find every possible way to make your day-to-day financial dealings simple and easy.  Just ask her a question or tell her what you need, and she will quickly come up with an efficient solution for you.  Read more about Tina 
Tel (416) 359-4693
E-mail: Tina Dragneva

Camillia Baboolal
Administrative Assistant

Camillia will often be the first voice you hear when you call us.  Her upbeat attitude and baking skills have made her a favourite with our clients.  Read more about Camillia 
Tel (416) 359-7470
E-mail: Camillia Baboolal



James Kraft 
Estate & Insurance Advisor


Richard Belley 
Fixed Income Strategist


David Tremblett 
Trust and Estate Planner