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Your Financial Plan

When To Review your Financial Plan

Once you have implemented your financial plan, there’s still work to be done. First, you’ll want to periodically check your progress to make sure you are still on track to reach your goals. Secondly, certain situations and events require that you revisit and, possibly, revise your plan.

Plan for periodic reviews
You should plan to review your progress annually, checking to see if you are making progress towards your goals. If you find that you are not on track, you’ll need to fine-tune your plan where necessary.

Revise your plan when...
Changes to your circumstances –– a career change, retirement, the sale of a business or significant asset, or the receipt of an inheritance, will require that you revisit your financial plan. In addition, life events such as marriage, divorce, arrival of children and the death of a close family member also will affect your plan. And legislative and tax changes can have an impact. Finally, you may change your objectives over the years.

At every step along the way, I can help you keep your financial plan current and in keeping with your changing circumstances and goals. To arrange for a review of your financial plan, or to start the financial planning process click here.