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Investment Strategy - April 2024

Apr 05, 2024 - BMO Private Wealth

Lest you think you missed some major local news, the rate cuts to which we refer are not from the Bank of Canada (“BoC”) or the U.S. Federal Reserve (“Fed”). At least not quite yet....

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Global Markets Commentary: Let the Sunshine In

Apr 03, 2024 - BMO Private Wealth

Equity markets saw substantial gains in the first quarter of 2024 – many were up more than 5% on the year. The list of markets posting fresh all-time highs is long. Fixed income endured a mildly negative Q1, giving back some of Q4 2023’s outsized gai...

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New Tax Reporting Requirements for Trusts

Mar 13, 2024 - BMO Private Wealth

Trusts are powerful instruments in tax and estate planning. Broadly speaking, a trust is a relationship between a settlor and a trustee1 in which the trustee holds property transferred by the settlor for the benefit of beneficiaries, specified by the...

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Investment Strategy - March 2024

Mar 07, 2024 - BMO Private Wealth

Global stock markets continued to defy various bearish accounts in 2023, and so far in 2024. With the notable exception of China, which is mired in a painful growth slowdown, major stock markets around the world, notably Europe (EURO STOXX 50), North...

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