Challenges We Solve

Tax and Estate Planning


"True wealth is defined as the ability to live life on your terms, to reach the goals that you set for yourself and your family, and to create a legacy that reflects your values."


Tax Planning

Our goal is to provide a competitive rate of return in the most tax efficient way possible. Tax planning doesn't change the return on the portfolio as a whole, but allows for gains to be optimized in tax efficient vehicles.

  • Registered account planning for eventual taxation

  • Tactical TFSA approach as returns are tax free

  • Non Registered investment structures

  • Custom Trust and Corporate account strategies


Client situations vary so the solution will as well, but our gocus on custom portfolio management wit ha value on taxation produces positive client relationships and investment return outcomes.


Estate and Trust Services

To help ensure a smooth and orderly transition of your wealth to your chosen heirs, we offer a complete range of estate and trust services. You choose the level of support and services needed by you and your family.

  • Wills and Trusts 

  • Distribution of your assets

  • Preserving you estate

  • Minimize legal and tax costs

  • Ensure transition is to your wishes

  • Business succession

  • Insurance structures to preserve your estate

  • Charitable giving