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Jonathan Batch
Sharon Tingley
Tric Daer

Toll Free: 800-265-4195
Tel: 519-646-3009

255 Queens Ave.
Suite 1900
London, ON
N6A 5R8

Mission Statement

We are driven to provide the best wealth management advice and solutions to our clients by being uncompromisingly focused on their goals.

Our Approach

At Batch Investment Group we want our clients to Think BIG; about your future, your hopes, your goals, your kids and their kids. We then want you to work with us to make those dreams a reality.

The approach starts with being BIG Planners. Every client gets a personalized financial plan which helps direct the strategy for the investment plan. This ensures the investment strategy is also personal and appropriate for every client.

Plans also take into consideration both positive and negative markets, which help you stick to your strategy when emotions are running high.

Finally, we work best with clients who use us as their financial quarterback. If clients have questions about investing, borrowing, planning, taxes, insurance, or that "what if” we are the first call.

When clients have financial questions we want them to Think BIG

Build a Trusting Relationship – Invest the Time

Your experience as an investor is certainly dependent on what you invest in. However, in our experience, an equally important part of the equation is how YOU approach investing and who you invest with.

We are of the belief that the effort that is put in at the beginning directly affects your investment experience and outcome. Therefore, we encourage clients to invest the time to build an open and trusting relationship. We can only make appropriate recommendations for clients if we have all the information. That is the best way to get the proper plan and the proper strategy.

So welcome to the Batch Investment Group. Are you ready to Think BIG?