Collaborating with BMO specialists

Working with a passionate, experienced team of BMO Private Wealth specialists, we will create your customized and complete Wealth Plan. Our broad network of BMO Private Wealth specialists brings you tremendous financial bench strength:

  • Will reviewers
  • Tax planners
  • Asset managers
  • Private Banking professionals
  • Trust and estate planners
  • Business and Commercial Bankers
  • Insurance specialists
  • Business succession specialists
  • Credit consultants
  • Strategic philanthropy consultants


Multigenerational considerations

Many of our clients’ top priority is ensuring that their wealth enriches the lives of their loved ones. To ensure that your family is well looked after:

  • We will help you achieve successful wealth transfer across multiple generations.
  • It is a privilege to engage and educate your sons and daughters to help them to learn about investing and wealth planning.
  • Extending the same fee to the entire household, we will help your loved ones begin to invest and plan to achieve major goals.
  • We have the sensitivity to help your family manage conflict to avoid long-term challenges, keep lines of communication open, and prepare in advance for major life transitions.
  • We act as objective, caring advisors standing by your side to help you make rational decisions in family financial matters that are often fraught with emotion.


Guidance through major life transitions

With the specialized assistance of our BMO Private Wealth partners, we can add significant value when helping you and your loved ones to prepare for major milestones or manage periods of transition; for example, when you:

  • Get married or divorced
  • Buy or sell a practice or business
  • Inherit money or win a lottery
  • Change your career
  • Start a family
  • Plan for and enter your retirement years
  • Purchase or renovate your home or vacation property
  • Have an accident or are diagnosed with a major illness
  • Fund an education
  • Wish to make a major charitable contribution


Trust and Executor Services 

We can engage our partners at BMO Trust Company to offer the unique protection and tax-saving potential of trusts. BMO Trust Company can also provide will reviews and will direction as part of your overall wealth plan. Executor services are also offered to help ease the burden of administering an estate


Lending Services

Whether you’re looking to secure a mortgage, personal loan or line of credit – or if you require more specialized lending services to fulfill and optimize your wealth management strategy – we will work with you to access the expertise of a BMO Bank of Montreal lending specialist.


Private Banking Services

BMO Private Wealth offers a full range of Platinum Banking solutions that can provide you and your family with highly customized and innovative products and services. Your dedicated Private Banker will help you and your family to simplify and enhance your financial journey. Navigating intricate financial situations and structuring complex transactions, they will help you achieve your financial objectives, manage the challenges that can come with significant wealth, and offer you bespoke rates, lending solutions and privileges.

For your cross-border needs, we can introduce you to a Private Banking professional at BMO Harris Private Banking.

Estate Planning and Tax Specialists

An estate plan is a key component of your overall wealth management strategy. We can help identify planning opportunities and issues, as well as introduce experts to advise you on strategies that suit your circumstances and oversee the successful implementation of your personal estate plan. With planning, you can maximize the value of your estate, equalize your estate if you are a business owner, minimize taxes, and have control how your estate will be distributed.

Ask us about estate administration options that are available through BMO Trust Company, especially if you have a complicated estate involving multiple properties or are a business owner.


Asset preservation is an integral component of a comprehensive wealth plan. In partnership with our Estate and Insurance Advisors, we can recommend insurance solutions that will complement your overall wealth strategy, help you build a tax-efficient estate, and provide a greater sense of assurance.

Business Succession Planning 

Succession planning is a process, not an event. Proper planning can ensure the ongoing stewardship of the business you have worked so hard to build. We can assist you with planning for retirement and the transition of management and ownership of your business, whether to a family member, employee or a third party.


Philanthropic Services 

Strategic philanthropy and charitable giving is an extension of your personal beliefs and convictions. We can help you implement a solution that will have a long-term impact and enduring difference in your community and create a lasting family legacy. The solution may be anything from a donor advised fund to the creation of a private foundation.