Our Process

Investing time to get to know our clients is not only one of the best parts of this profession, but also one of the most crucial. Knowing our clients, understanding their circumstances, needs, and priorities, enables us to create investment strategies specifically suited to each individual client.

Many claim to create Client Specific Investment Policies. At Faheem Allidina & Associates, we actually do it. We use the criteria outlined below, among others, to design the policy that's unique to you.

*Your individual investment objectives
*Need for growth, liquidity and income
*Tolerance to risk
*Personal preferences

When all these and further considerations are in place, the policy is used to generate a client specific investment strategy.

Strategy Review
Once the strategy is designed, a strategy review meeting is set with the client to ensure that you (and where appropriate, your family) are in agreement with the strategy objectives before funds are invested.

With the Investment Strategy defined, our team begins to implement the strategy under the watchful eye of Faheem Allidina, whose more than 18 years of experience leads the team.

At Faheem Allidina & Associates, communication goes beyond the usual reporting. Our clients are part of a unique group of investors who have constant and full access to our team. As well as the usual statements, online access to your accounts, tax package and morning investor notes etc. Faheem is always happy to hear from his Investors. Communication is truly a two-way road for those who are part of the unique group who invest with Faheem Allidina & Associates.

Ongoing Management
Client portfolios are watched and monitored continually so that any necessary adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently to reflect market changes and opportunities. This also ensures that portfolios are in line with your investment strategy, as well as with market conditions.