Tailored For Your Investment Needs
Faheem Allidina and Associates are dedicated to making your wealth management experience personal, comprehensive, and tailored to your individual needs. We take a whole-picture approach to your situation and advise you how to secure your future and accomplish your financial goals.

Getting To Know You
We want to get to know you. Tell us about your background, your family’s needs, your dreams, your goals and your long-range plans or questions. Armed with information about your world, and your current financial arrangements, we will be able to guide you with the best service that we have to offer. We will be your Wealth Advisor, your Personal CFO.

A Road Map For Success
Working with you as a unique individual, we will tailor a financial game plan that makes sense for you and your family. The goal is for you to have a road map on the trip of life, to help you navigate successfully from where you are today to where you want to go. Financial planning can be overwhelming or confusing to many people, and we are here to find the best and most manageable solutions for you.

Our Specialties
•Comprehensive and Personalized Wealth Management
•Retirement Planning
•Investment Strategies
•Insurance and Tax Strategies
•Succession and Estate Planning