Proactively Addressing Today’s New Investment Environment


Taking a holistic view to manage your wealth, your portfolios  are an important component of your overall, comprehensive Wealth Plan.


In the challenging climate of uncertainty in the markets today, we find that:

  • Low interest rates and the potential of rising inflation rates are making it difficult to generate returns on deposits and other short-term or fixed income investments.

  • Slowing global economic growth are making it hard to find good returns without taking on high risk.

  • Market volatility is reaffirming  our thinking about asset diversification.

  • The commentary and forecasting of research analysts and market economists varies drastically, resulting in mixed messages.


The Totten Wealth Advisory Group responds by aiming to:

  • Build your portfolio in a manner that maximizes after-tax returns and achieves your goals through a range of strategies.

  • Work with proven, top-tier  portfolio managers who select stocks and bonds based on their world-class experience and sophisticated metrics. This brings you access to the same asset classes and investment strategies used by large institutional investors such as pension funds.

  • Spread your assets out across your different accounts to maximize diversification and manage risk.

  • Leverage BMO Capital Markets’, and third party advanced research and modeling capabilities to help us factor in different “what if” market possibilities.

  • Proactively rebalance portfolios in advance of major shifts and contact you in times of volatility.

  • Offer new products to help you manage cash and other short-duration assets while also generating some return.

  • Bring you alternative opportunities that would usually be reserved for large institutional investors.

  • Design investment strategies to perform well in all environments, allowing you to nimbly move from long positions to more defensive ones, and vice versa.