Strategies for Business Owners and Executives

Some of our clients are or were business owners, running companies in Canada and internationally. Here are some of the strategies we are able to offer to address their tax planning, financing and business succession needs.

Advantages of an Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

If you are a business owner concerned about minimizing tax, an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) might be right for you. An IPP allows you to:

  • Shelter more income from tax through increased contributions versus your RRSP each year.

  • Make a one-time deductible contribution to eliminate the contribution gap that exists between an RRSP and an IPP.

  • Protect your assets from creditors since assets held in an IPP are creditor-proof.

  • Deduct all fees through your corporation (which is not allowed by RRSPs).

  • Mitigate market losses by making additional contributions if the investment return is less than the stated objective


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