We will work with you and the BMO Business Advisory Team to create very detailed business or practice succession plans.

Our considerations can include: 

  • Calculating how much you would need to be able to step away from the business or practice and retire.

  • Estate equalization solutions to help you bequeath a fair amount to each of your children, whether they are involved in your business or not.

  • Liaising closely with your accountant, we will coordinate your tax planning, estate planning, family trusts, wills, second wills for your company or practice, and more.

  • We provide services you will need if your kids are not able to, or interested in, taking over the business:

    • Help hiring business valuators to assess the value your business (at least a ballpark number to use in wealth planning).

    • Guidance in finding the right buyer to get the best value:

      • Assistance to interview and consult with prospective buyers.

      • Guidance in negotiating.

      • Insights on what you should look for.

    • We will help you to prepare the company for sale to maximize its worth. 

The BMO Business Advisory Team can assist you with multiple considerations, including:

  • Planning before ownership transfer, sale or transition

  • Education on the sale process

  • Pre-sale strategies and structuring

  • Insights on industry trends and values

  • Transaction planning and support

  • Potential risk exposure

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Blue-sky multiples and underlying factors

  • Valuation considerations and insights

  • Macroeconomic indicators

  • General advisory, exit strategies and risk management

  • Sophisticated wealth transfer, estate and succession planning strategies