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David Ferrie
Anthony Petruccelli
Gabriela Boada

Tel: 416-590-7637
Tel: 1800-567-2626

4881 Yonge Street
9th Floor, PO Box 37
Toronto, ON
M2N 5X3

Wealth Management and Estate Planning
The Ferrie Petruccelli Wealth Management Group has offered discretionary and non-discretionary investment management to individuals, corporations and foundations globally since 1987.

Our relationships begin with a plan to uncover and fulfill our client’s goals and dreams. To deliver on each unique objective, we utilize a systematic and repeatable investment process. We also provide a written service agreement which delivers ongoing meaningful communication. Our communication strategy ensures our clients are regularly informed of their progress towards reaching their goals.

We are passionate about our clients. Our passion is built upon our beliefs;

Capital Preservation First – Our clients have worked a lifetime to build and sustain their wealth. Our mission is to protect it.

Relationship – Our clients view us as trusted partners in their personal and financial lives. Our purpose is to make a meaningful contribution to both.

Custom Solutions – Each client is unique. Our clients expect and receive customized portfolios tailored to their specific needs.

Emotion Free – Emotions regularly impact investment success. Our investment process is emotionless and systematically adjusts the portfolios to changing levels of risk in the markets