Serving the unique needs of entrepreneurs


We can help you:

• Invest the reserve funds in your holding or operating companies or professional corporation, working strategically to achieve your growth targets.

• Set realistic expectations and put a full-circle Wealth Plan into place to put you on track to reach your goals at all stages of your business or practice.

• Select the right investments to generate a regular income stream and keep cash on hand to buy investments at bargain prices if the markets turn volatile.

• Draw money from your holding or operating companies or practice tax-effectively using different strategies.

• Plan for and manage your cash flow requirements.


Tax considerations 

We work in collaboration with your accountant to:

• Understand the net impact of your investments and wealth plan from a tax standpoint,

• Help you structure your shares to maximize your tax planning, and

• Maximize legal tax optimization strategies. 


We will streamline liaison between you, our team, your other advisors and BMO Private Wealth specialists. To save you time, we will be involved in calls from a consultation standpoint. At your business year-end, we will send out tax packages to you and your accountant(s) to save you from locating receipts. If your accountants have questions, they can ask us first. We also consult with legal and tax advisors to look at your business or practice from all angles and manage your money in the best way possible.


Succession planning discussions can involve: 

• Determining how much you would need to be able to step away from the business and retire comfortably. 

• Estate equalization solutions to help you bequeath an equitable amount to each of your offspring when some of them are involved in your business and others are not. 

• If you are not transferring the company or practice to a family member, working with BMO Private Wealth business succession planners, estate planners and business valuation experts to help you find the right buyer to get the best value for all your equity:

     • Hire business valuators to assess the value your business.

     • Prepare your business or practice for sale.

     • Plan for a smooth succession to help you get the best possible return for the time and equity you have invested.

• Once the business has sold, we will help you to:

     • Create a reliable income stream for retirement from the proceeds of your liquidation event.

     • Transition smoothly from driving forward as a business leader or professional to moving actively into the next phase of life.

     • Transfer your wealth to your heirs tax-efficiently. 


Personal and commercial banking – under one roof 

BMO Private Wealth can serve multiple financial needs under one roof to save you time and money and guide you through all the red tape. We offer professional credit solutions to help you enjoy the convenience of managing your family and business or practice banking at the same firm. For example, we can finance your business and the building in which it operates as well as provide your family’s mortgage and line of credit.

We will safeguard valuable information to preserve the value and transferability of your company or practice and provide access to the convenience and financial advantages of customized BMO Private Banking, BMO Business Banking, BMO Commercial Banking and BMO Trust Company services.