To help you accumulate, manage and preserve your wealth, we provide a full range of integrated services. Engaging the expert resources of our BMO Private Wealth specialists when an extra measure of sophistication is needed, we have your wealth management needs covered.


Portfolio Management


• Establish investment objectives
• Develop asset allocation strategy
• Design portfolio and select securities
• Provide ongoing investment management, monitoring, reporting and advice


Wealth Planning


• Establish goals
• Analyze cash-flow needs
• Assess net worth
• Conduct retirement planning
• Plan your estate
• Provide guidance on managing assets and family members in more than one jurisdiction
• Income continuance planning (life and disability insurance)


Business Financial Services


• Access to Business and/or Commercial Banking Specialists
• Manage business investments
• Plan a tax-conscious, smooth succession
• Provide business transfer assistance


Legacy Planning


• Assess current and potential estate value
• Determine obligations (debts,dependent,taxes and probate costs)
• Identify estate planning issues and opportunities
• Devise strategies to fund obligations and wishes

Tax Efficiency


• Review current and future tax situations
• Uncover opportunities to save taxes or defer taxation
• Develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities


Credit & Bank Strategies


• Advice on effective credit management – mortgage, line of credit, personal and business loans
• Manage cash flow needs
• Plan for major purchases
• Provide access to a dedicated Private Banker for bespoke banking services that save you time and money