An elevated wealth experience

Our priority is to manage your wealth needs effectively and efficiently. You can completely outsource everything to us, no matter how complex, and we will execute quickly and accurately.
Collaboration is key to success. Based on your unique needs, we will engage and manage an extended team of BMO Private Wealth specialists – accountants, lawyers, tax and estate planners, cross-border experts, insurance specialists, business succession advisors, as well as personal and commercial bankers. If you prefer, we also work with your family office and existing team of outside professionals.
We will get everyone together to identify solutions and build a complete wealth management plan based on your personal situation, goals and needs.


As part of our DNA, we commit to:

• Always placing your interests first

• Building a strong professional relationship

• Helping you reach your financial goals

• Providing customized strategies and services that meet your needs and circumstances

• Delivering continuing education for you and your next generation

• Continually improving our services

• Delivering efficient assistance from our experienced support staff

• Using state-of-the art technology to analyze and present investment solutions

• Answering your call promptly

• Accepting only a select few new clients to give ourselves the time to provide exceptional service to our existing clients

• Regular communication to stay up on changes in your personal circumstances and discuss issues that may affect your financial future

• Applying behavioural economics:

     • We will recommend what you need rather than what you want

     • We will coach you to avoid myopic loss aversion – the tendency to avoid the pain of short-term losses that can cause you to miss out on the joy of much greater long-term gains. Our aim is to temper your expectations and help you achieve your goals without stress