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Chris Thiessen
Dan Stiver
Jack Sutton
Michael Amyot
Kelly van Soest
Kim Blair

Toll Free: 1 800-506-0005
Fax: 204-944-0828

BMO Nesbitt Burns
1700 - 201 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 3K6


Contacting our Clients


We produce and send a daily client e-mail called: “Your Daily Update.”  These are written by Jack Sutton himself and are a collection of daily research pieces and articles from both external and internal strategists and analysts focused on investing tips, what’s happening currently in the markets, and news/research on current positions held in our model portfolio.




Our clients receive statements providing account balances, transactions, deposits and withdraws, fees paid and income received within their investment accounts.



We reach out to each of client to arrange Quarterly or Semi-Annual portfolio review calls with our clients to and review their portfolio. Prior to each call we prepare an agenda of our discuss and securely email copies of their most recent Portfolio and Performance reports.

  During your review we begin with whats on your mind before doing a thorough portfolio review where you will discuss the individual holdings in your account and provide you with market commentary and a recap of what is going on in the world. We then discuss how we are positioning your portfolio for the future, review the next steps in your financial plan and discuss when your next expected review should occur.



We prefer to meet with each client in person annually to review your portfolio and performance in greater detail.  We during this meeting or in a separate meeting we do a thorough review of your most recent wealth plan. If there are major changes to report, we update your plan and set up a follow-up call to discuss the new “action steps” outlined in your plan, if any.

Tax Reporting: February through to April, BMO Nesbitt Burns provides you with tax slips, including transaction summaries, capital gain/loss reports,  Foreign Securities Reports, Managed Account Fee Letter, and other pertinent tax information such as T3 and T5 slips. These slips are mailed directly to you but are also accessible via your Gateway account.