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Rick Hughes
James Annis
Sean Nikitin
Kari Van de Mosselaer

979 Bank Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5K5

Our Services

Our first three business beliefs encompass this service offering. Information, contact, and accountability are fundamental to a successful client-advisor relationship. We work with our clients to manage emotions, reset expectations, and adjust for major life changes. Customized and consistent contact is the foundation of our relationships.
  • Ongoing Market Commentary
  • Customized Automated Contact
  • Regular Portfolio Reviews
  • Account Administration Services
  • Adjusting for Major Life Changes
  • Managing & Resetting Expectations
  • Assistance in Life Decisions
  • Coordination with your Key Advisors
  • Income Tax Support
  • Managing Emotions

For more information, please contact any one of our team members:

Rick Hughes: (613)562-6439
James Annis: (613)562-6431
Sean Nikitin: (613)562-6531

Kari Van de Mosselaer: (613)562-6421