Investment Portfolio Strategies

Managed Assets programs offer an excellent way to manage the complexity and overwhelming choice that comes with investing. They offer you professional money management, adherence to sound risk management principles, and stringent portfolio monitoring. With a BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Assets program, you and Nadine work to develop your overall strategy and then leave the day-to-day implementation of the strategy to expert portfolio managers. 


Benefits of the Architect Program

The Architect Program is a flexible, all-inclusive investment solution with many unique benefits; making this a truly full-service investment solution.



Responsible Investing

Today's investors have heightened expectations for transparency regarding the management of their investment portfolio, and the companies in which they invest. In fact, they are increasingly prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance ("ESG") considerations into their investment objectives. 

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program ("Architect Program") is ideally suited to investors who want flexibility in building a portfolio aligned to their investor profile and objectives while ensuring their ESG priorities are accommodated. 


Environment Social Governance
  • Carbon emissions;
  • Waste management;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Water management;
  • Climate change;
  • Animal treatment; and
  • Deforestation.
  • Gender diversity;
  • Community relations;
  • Religious freedom;
  • Workplace safety; and
  • Weapons manufacturer.


  • Compensation policies;
  • Management protocols;
  • Auditor structure and independence;
  • Corruption policies; and
  • Accounting practices.