Estate planning and tax specialists 

An estate plan is a key component of your overall wealth management strategy. We can help identify planning opportunities and issues, as well as introduce experts to advise you on strategies that suit your circumstances and oversee the successful implementation of your personal estate plan. With planning, you can maximize the value of your estate, minimize taxes and have control over how your estate is distributed.




Asset preservation is an integral component of a comprehensive wealth plan. In partnership with our Estate and Insurance Advisor, we can recommend insurance solutions that will complement your overall wealth strategy and provide a greater sense of assurance. 


       Explore          Execute
  • What assets could face excess taxation?
  • What is your retirement income strategy?
  • What kind of legacy do you wish to leave?
  • What financial risks and opportunities should you address?
  • Fill in the gaps iny our current insurance strategy
  • Recommend solutions for tax minimization, income security, asset protection and estate maximization
  • Implement a strategy that complements your existing investment and retirement plan
           Assess              Review
  • Explore any concerns relating to U.S. Estate Tax, probate and estate maximization
  • Facilitate discussions around succession planning and the use of dual wills and trusts
  • Identify and assess other issues that may impact your long-term goals
  • Maintain open lines of communication with all parties
  • Review results on an ongoing basis
  • Adjust strategy as enmeeded to ensure it reflects your ongoing goals